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How to Get Your Girl to do Teen Striptease

Do you want to make your teen girl/boy happy and desire for a dance? In this article I am going to tell you few tips to take sexy teen striptease videos to the next level. If you are looking for the best ways to show your teen how good the dance is, here it is! Video strip dancing is one of the hottest things to happen in the adult entertainment industry since watching porn. Teens like to watch porn, but they want to see real life too! By learning the right dance steps and the right props you can give them that feeling of wanting to dance like their favourite porn star!

First let’s talk about striptease and how it is different from real dancing

Most dance classes are taught by men who have been dance dancing for years and know what is what. But when you’re watching a striptease video it’s totally different! There are many sexy dance moves that a sexy teen can do but to see it being done by a man is quite thrilling.

Learning a new teen striptease dance is great

But make sure you have some great props to help your teen to achieve the results you are trying to achieve! It’s great if you can get a really sexy dance sequence that will really drive her wild, but if you don’t have any props then your teen might just end up copying the moves from someone else. So, instead of searching for the best dance positions you should spend more time on finding great dance props!

Here are some sexy dance teen striptease moves

Front hands move where you put both hands on the back of the girl’s neck and move them forward to the side. Then you move your hands to her stomach and move them in a ‘come hither’ motion. You can also do a reverse ‘come hither’. And if you want to try something a little sexier then grab her hips with one hand and move them side to side. This will definitely drive her wild!

You could even try some twirling!

Twirling means you use two hands to make her twist around so that both of your hands touch her as she moves. You could hold one hand down and twirl the other around on her body as you stimulate her. But be careful not to get too playful or you might wind up hurting her!

That’s just some of the moves you could try out for your teen striptease. Use your imagination and get creative. You could even end up making some of your own sexy moves. You will be able to impress her with what you do and you will feel amazing knowing that you had a part in making this dance special for her.