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Lesbian Sex Party

…Are More Fun When They’re Between Women

A lesbian sex party isn’t just something else entirely. It is a fun way to explore the kink for your partner, one that many of us never get to experience. However, when you take out the SM factor from the equation, you lose what can otherwise be a real good ice breaker for a group environment and that can be the difference between making or breaking an event.

So, is a lesbian sex party the right thing for your group? If your party is at all based around the idea of ” lesbians in love” or “lesbian sex between a straight couple” or even just a fun way to experiment with someone new, then yes – a party on that topic might be a great way to break the ice. However, if the party is going to be centered around the idea of “lesbian sex”, or even just sharing fun stories about lesbian encounters, then no – a lesbian sex party isn’t necessary.

The truth is that there are plenty of dykes out there who are just like you: thinking, feeling, and believing as ourselves but often seeking to play down or ignore this sense within themselves. Coming to terms with their gender can mean learning to love themselves just as they are.

Coming to terms with their sexual identity can mean learning to have fun, learn about sex, and express their own sexual desires in safe and open spaces. For a third type of Trans person, coming to terms with their queerness can mean learning to be comfortable in their own skin. Being comfortable with one’s self comes with being able to accept and respect others as well. Which includes enjoying lesbian sex as much as anyone else does.

In short, we cis girls sometimes need a reminder from ouristers and sisters that we aren’t alone. When it comes to wanting to explore our sexuality with another woman. And though some people might think that practicing safe sex on the first date is enough, for many Trans women and girls, it’s not enough to simply stop at that. So go ahead, have a safe and fun lesbian sex party and have another woman tell the world how much you loved your first experience with another woman.